Albrecht Krieger

A scribe at heart, and a bit of a weirdo.




Albrecht Krieger is a bit of an eccentric. Some might even call him a little mad, were it not for his wealth. His pet raven Corvinus can generally be found in his vicinity, and occasionally proves to be an annoyance to those not familiar with him. Although a well schooled individual and scribe by trade, Albrecht is somewhat lacking in social finesse. Perhaps all the long hours staring into manuscripts were poor practice for dealing with his peers. Albrecht has few friends, but rarely laments this fact. He’d just assume look over some of his favorite codices from his personal collection and settle in with a bottle of spirits.

He is a collector of knowledge, and relishes the opportunity to see new things with his own two eyes. Therefore, being a fairly rich man, he has done his fair share of traveling, and can usually find work wherever he may wish to go. These jobs can vary from duplicating tomes of various size, writing up someone’s last will and testament or filling out deeds for real estate transactions. Additionally, Albrecht has even been known to dabble in black market documents, when approached by someone with a certain need. He doesn’t particularly mind breaking the law when he thinks he won’t get caught, and these jobs tend to pay quite well, after all.

For a wealthy man, Albrecht lives with a relatively small amount of possessions. Perhaps this is because he didn’t always have much money. He spent his youngest years fairly comfortably, but his parents died at a young age, leaving him an orphan, and ward of the state. The Krieger family estate was sold, and the proceeds from the sale, in addition to being greedily pocketed by the auctioneer and tax collectors, were used to secure Albrecht’s future as a learned man.

Young Albrecht was sent to a fairly meager boarding school, where he would be taught to read and write, eventually sent out as a scribe’s apprentice. After thirteen years learning his trade, Albrecht himself became a scribe. He did, in fact, became a particularly adept manuscript craftsman. Quality work comes at a high price, and Albrecht has started amassing some wealth of his own. While he is able to buy most things he might want, he makes due with what he needs for now. The only exceptions to this are his high quality drafting tools, parchments, inks (of many hues and iridescences) and attire (which, while sewn of quality material, is often slightly soiled or stained by ink). He also buys a decent bottle of whiskey, whenever he sees fit.

The Steady Quill is the name of Albrecht’s shop, and does a fairly regular business. It’s owner has a particular fascination with clockwork mechanations and automatons. As such, all types of clocks hang on his shop walls, producing a regular but quiet rythym of clocks ticking at all hours of the day. Cuckoo clocks are his favorite, and has seven of various shapes and design hanging on the walls over his writing desk. Upon his desk, sitting atop many scattered pieces of parchment, is a whirling bronze gyro. In the corner of the room, where Corvinus perches, there is a particularly strange device hanging on the wall. It looks like a vertical black box, about two feet from top to bottom. With the simple tap of his beak, the raven can activate the device, setting wheels turning and counterweights rising and falling. Gears and cogs show through a cloudy glass window, spinning quickly. A bell dings, and a small drawer clicks out from the smooth face of the box, containing seeds and nuts of various types. Every time his bird does this, Albrecht can’t help but smile to himself. He has started to study the plans for many of these mechanical gizmos, but is still quite an amateur when nit comes to constructing one. There are also some framed documents and illustrations hanging on the wall, and papers scattered about a large table in the middle of the room.

Steady quill

Albrecht recently purchased a pair of clockwork pistols from his singular friend Tirin Coppersprocket. The duo consists of a larger firearm used in his home for protection, and a smaller one that may be concealed, when dealing with some of his seedier customers. He is quite proud of them, and considers them among his most prized possessions.

Albrecht Krieger

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