Cromit "Poopsmith" Redaxe

Stocky, red haired, alcoholic, unkept Dwarven ratcatcher




Cromit and his twin brother Angus were very competitive young dwarves vying for an apprenticeship from a Master Runelord named Stalward. One day a traveling minstrel visited their keep raving of gold and adventure found in a nest of wyverns a few days march. The brothers noticed the eager look in Stalward’s eye and both set out to prove themselves. Cromit returned to the keep weeks later with no gold, a broken spirit, and no brother. Cromit immediately left his career path, kin, and everything he has ever known to follow penance in the shape of a bottle. After several years of wondering, Cromit found himself living in the empire and began working in the most shameful and degrading work he could find. Since leaving, Cromit has worked as a gravedigger, pig farmer, barber (only 1 day), candlemaker, and served as the county poopsmith for years. Cromit’s largest penance/joy in life is a self-brewed concoction called pepper-red ale (pepper, vinegar based barbeque sauce, and strong ale make up the majority of this pungent drink).

Cromit "Poopsmith" Redaxe

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